• FULLY LOADED: " ACW MACGYVER KIT " (Descrip Below)–Every Day Special Utility, Survival #1 Best Rated Most Complete Kit For It’s Size. Your Lightweight-Readiness-Survival-All-Purpose “Go-To” Bag/Kit. Packed With A Variety Of Multi-Functional Tools & Items. Innovative Well Thought Out & Completely One Of A Kind. Ounce For Ounce The Ultimate Jack-Of-All-Trades! Although It Shines As A Survivalists Resource, “This Must Have” Companion Has You Covered In All Environments, In The Woods,Home, Vehicle.
  • At Work, Dooms Day Or Any Day, It’s Compact Mobile Security. Perfect For The Out Of The Box Thinker Or Average Person. Organized Efficient & Optimized For Visual & Mental Indexing. High Quality Contents “Molle” Compatible, This Kit Will Be The Lifeline You’ve Always Wanted But Never Had & w/ Room To Spare & Further Customize to Your Own Items. When Its Go Time, It’s Acw Tactical Time. All Quality Hand Picked Items By Us For A Superior Stand Alone Kit. Re-Supply As You Go Or At Acw Tactical USA.
  • MODERATLEY LOADED: The " ACW CORE SURVIVAL KIT " W/ Almost 150 Items Is A Cost Effective Alternative To Our Ultimate Macgyver Kit Or Who Needs A Little Extra Room To Further Customize. Multitool, Xl Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag, Fishing Kit, Sewing Kit ACR Res Q Whistle, Saber Cut Wire Saw, BIC Lighter, 25’ Mil-Spec 550 Paracord, Balloon, Hi-Grade Snare Wire, Compass, Led Light, Emergency Candle, Magnesium Fire Starter, Mil-Spec P38 Can Opener, ACW Survival Book, USA Duct Tape.
  • Moderately Loaded continued - Filter Paper, Filter Cone Waterproof Writing Paper, Signal Mirror, Pencil Medical Kit w/ Bandages, Gauze, Q-Tips, Bug Repellent Sunscreen & More. - Extra Random Goodies Are Also Added As We Have Stock. For A Complete List of Items See Manufacturer Website Acw Tactical USA.
  • ACW BAG UN-LOADED: " ACW BAG ONLY". - Our Renowned Bag’s Unique Design Is Optimized For Organized Storage & Visual Indexing. A Blank Canvas For Any Use You Can Think Of. All Our Kits are Perfect as A Medics Pack, Every Day Carry, Utility, Tools, Survival, Hiking Camping, Bug Out, Resourceful Person Or Someone Who Knows Just Minimal, Survivalist, The Macgyver-Ist, Hard-Core, Beginner, Man, Woman, Boy/Girl, Scout, Camper Anyone. Functional Every Day Use Kits For Any Scenario. By Acw Tactical USA.
  • Imported from USA.
FULLY LOADED BAG: -ACW “Macgyver” Kit w/ Multitool, Survival Guide/Field Manual, XL Emerg Sleeping Bag, 12"X36" Sheet HD Alum. Foil & 13”x10” ACW Ultimate Alum. Foil 500% Thicker Than HD Alum. Foil, HD Orange Balloons, Cotton Bandanna, Emergency Candle, Cyalume Snap Light, Clear 55 gal. HD Poly Bag, Hi Grade Tubing 5ft', Duct Tape USA 100" -144", Ear Plugs, 3M 88/33 Electrical Tape, Electrical Wire Pairs 18ga & 24ga. 6’ Insulated, Emery Sand Paper, Filter Paper 12"X36"Sheet. Filter Cone, Magnesium FireStarter, Fresnel Magnifier Lens, Wood Golf T’s, HotGlue, Flex-A-Top Poly Containers 4-FDA, Utility Kit -Elastic Scunci, Pipe Cleaner, Super Glue, Mil-Spec P38 Can Opener, Epoxy, Foil Tape, Tooth Picks, Sewing & Lines Kit, Needles, Buttons, Threader, B-50 Dacron Waxed Line, Braided Fishing Line, Embroidery Thread, Teflon Tape PTFE. Med Kit, Water Purification Aqua Tabs, Plastic Floss Picks, Q-Tips, Nitrile Gloves, Saline Solution, Sunscreen, Gauze Dressings, Tooth Picks Sterile, Iodine & Alcohol Prep Pads, Insect Repellent, Band-Aids, Butterfly Closures, Antibiotic Ointment, Celox Blood Clot Packet, Hydrocortisone, Tongue Depressor, Tampon, Ant-acids, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Non-Aspirin. Hardware Kit –Asst. Nuts, Screws, Bolts, Wire Nuts, Washers, Electrical Solder, Eye-Hooks, Nails, SS Nails, Screws, Hardened Nails, Hangers, Dowel, Brads, Tacks & More. Fishing Kit, Spool Of Line 6-8 Lb, 6-8 Hooks,6-8 Sinkers, Snap Swivels, Cable Leaders,. Instr pper, LED Micro Light, BIC Lighter, Mini Compass, SS Special Alloy Snare Wire 20~25', 25’ Mil-Spec Paracord, Pencil, Magnesium Sharpener, Playing Cards, Scotch-Brite Pad, Signal Mirror, Spark-Lite Military Fire Tab, ACR Res-Q Whistle, Tenacious Tape, Toothbrush Pasted, Velcro Self Stick, Waterproof/Resist Bags, Zip-ties 50-18lbs. All Hi Grade UV, Mounting Hole, Reusable, Velcro, Mini’s, Waterproof Paper, Saber Cut Wire Saw, Surgical Blade, condoms, surgical blade, lip balm,Complete List of Items See our Website: Acw Tactical USA

Survival Kit Utility Kit Best EDC Bag Pack ACW Macgyver Ultimate Ultimate Fully Loaded Black

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