• fast, effective ways to get the headache and migraine relief.
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Product description ------------------- Product Description-When you need relief from headaches, it's easy to reach for pills. But with 4head you don't have to. 4head Stick and 4head QuickStrip are fast, effective ways to get the headache and migraine relief you want from pills, but in a completely different way. Its a Natural Headache remedy.Unlike most headache treatments, 4head Stick is specially designed to be applied directly to the forehead. It contains 100% pure levomenthol (a type of peppermint) in a convenient retractable stick dispenser.Benefits of using 4head Stick:Helps to avoid the side effects that can be associated with taking painkillers orally.Can be applied whenever required, so thereTMs no need to wait 4 hours between treatments.Convenient and portable.The neat and handy applicator stick is convenient for use whenever a headache creeps up, whether at work, home or on the move.Cosmetically acceptable. 4head Stick is specially formulated to be non-greasy and colourless on application, and it shouldnTMt interfere with make-up.No need to swallow tablets, pills or caplets " avoids the inconvenience of having to swallow these with a drink or food. Ideal if you have difficulty or dislike swallowing headache pills.ItTMs 100% natural. Ingredients ----------- levomenthol (90% w/w),macrogol 20000 and peppermint oil

4head Headache Relief Stick x 3