• great durability and thermal insulation.
  • Imported from USA.
HITACHIYA USA EXCLUSIVE VERSION! With metal stripe cross the body, it makes stronger!! SIZE: 21x9x7.8" Weight: 24lbs By using the Charcoal Grill, deliver delicious grilled food just for you. The balance between UV rays and the fire is just right and by using charcoal, especially Bincho-charcoal, a smell that intrigues your appetite. It uses diatomaceous earth bricks so the durability is much more advanced than other BBQ grills. These BBQ Grills are made of diatomaceous earth bricks that were fired at 1000 degrees. This prevents them from deteriorating immediately, even after its prolonged use, and are made with great durability and thermal insulation properties. It has air vents to control temperature with air flow. Out door use or kitchen under the good ventilation area. **Ship to US mainland only. No ship to HAWAII, ALASKA, PUERTO RICO, GUAM & International..**The shipment will be signature required shipment if the total amount is over $100.00. If you prefer receive without signature shipment please send message to HITACHIYA USA or contact us.

BBQ Charcoal KONRO HIBACHI Grill DIATOMITE Stone Hibachi Barbecue Japanese Yakitori Grill 21x9x7.8