• ★ 2x Original Absinthe glasses in classic 19th century design made by ALANDIA Barware (premium quality, mouth-blown, NO pressed glass, 8.4 oz capacity with integrated 1.4 oz reservoir to measure the correct amount of Absinthe).
  • ★ 2x Authentic Absinthe Spoons "Feuilles" made of stainless steel (the spoons are reproductions of a historical Absinthe spoon design from the 19th century).
  • ★ 1x Large bag of indivdually wrapped ALANDIA Absinthe sugar cubes (bag of 5.3 oz.).
  • ★ This is the perfect accessories set to drink Absinthe the traditional way (manual card with drinking instructions for the classic Absinthe ritual is included in the set).
  • ✅ High-quality Absinthe accessories for your private Heure Verte (green hour).
  • Imported from USA.
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Premium Absinthe Spoons Glasses Set | 2x Absinthe Glasses | 2x Absinthe Spoons | 1x Absinthe Sugar Cubes | 1x Drinking instructions card for the Absinthe ritual