• Pierre Fabre.
  • Inava Hybrid 2 in 1 brush: combines the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush with the softness of an Inava manual toothbrush.SONIQUE electrical technology with vibrating high frequency bristles, eliminates dental plaque even more easily in hard-to-reach spaces while remaining soft on the gums.Nouveauté Pharma2M.
  • Imported from UK.
The INAVA SENSIBILITE brush with soft tapered bristles, provides a gentle brushing for the respect of sensitive teeth and gums. Compact and without a base: it can slip into your toothbrush holder to avoid cluttering the bathroom. Portable thanks to its lightness and battery life so it is convenient to carry anywhere. Quiet: quieter than a conventional electric toothbrush. Save energy: charge once a month. Mix use: it can be used in electric or manual mode to suit all situations. Suitable for those who wear dentures. Instructions for use: Position the toothbrush at the level of the gum at a 45 ° angle. Make circular movements on the surface of the tooth to disrupt the plaque. Then make several expulsion movements from the gum to the tooth. -

Inava Hybrid 2 in 1 Electric Toothbrush