• BUNDLE INCLUDES ... 2 Credit Card Size Magnifying Glasses with Lights & Batteries plus Free Bonus (see image and details below) & Return Guarantee..
  • ✔ PREASSEMBLED - Preinstalled batteries and provides clear distortion free 3x magnification. These magnifiers have low wattage but bright lights that are intended to be used in low ambient light conditions like restaurants. To light the magnifying lens area, depress and hold the power button to turn the light on, release the button for off..
  • ✔ DURABLE - with Lens Protection; the LED magnifier and Lens are protected by durable plastic frame that is easy to hold. SUITABLE for trade show and conference attendees, seniors, adults, children, hobbyists and cruise goers. Ideal to include with travel accessories for on the go travel magnifier, also suitable to include with cruise ship accessories for pocket magnifier or magnifying glass for reading with or without magnifier glasses..
  • ✔ VERSITLE - Ideal for seniors, adults, children, hobbyists like stamp collectors and professionals like jewelers and geologist. Fits flat in a wallet credit card slot or fits perfectly in a pocket or purse. Perfect in Dark or Dimly Light Places like Restaurants. Great as reading magnifiers for seniors or reading magnifier for books..
  • ✔ FREE BONUS - Includes 2 ADDITIONAL cmoredetail CREDIT CARD SIZE 3X MAGNIFIERS; perfect as menu reading magnifiers which fit in purse or flat in a wallet credit card slot. Also includes Customer Appreciation Card with instructions for downloading 3 FREE Far Outside the Ordinary Coloring Books (148 Original Images) plus at download get Discount Coupon Codes for select cmoredetail Magnifier/s and Prissy Elrod’s Best-Selling Book/s..
  • Imported from USA.
His & Her Credit Card Size Magnifiers includes 2 Premium Quality Magnifiers for Reading small print ✔ SPECS * 3X lighted lens * Size is 3.3/8” x 2.3/16” credit card size for wallet * The Fresnel Lens is recessed in an outer frame * Weighs less than 1oz and fits in a wallet credit card slot * This magnifier has 1 LED light * Battery is included but not replaceable ✔ USAGE * Use this Fresnel Lens as magnifying sheet for full page or magnifier for * Credit card sized magnifier sheet used is 3.3/8” x 2.3/16” * Use as Fresnel lens fire starter and as fire lens, it performs just like magnify glass * Use as survival magnifying glass fire starter, solar fire starter or magnifying glass firestarter and works like all Fresnel lenses for fire starting * Magnifying glass sheet performs like the best magnifying sheets for reading * The small Fresnel lens is perfect as small magnifier or small magnifier with light * Use this small magnifier glass with light to enlarge small print like prescription bottle labels * This sheet magnifier is constructed from magnifier sheets & protected by black acrylic frame and is easily held when used as sheet magnifier for reading * This pocket Fresnel lens works well as pocket magnifier for reading * The plastic Fresnel lens is made from plastic magnifying glass sheets * Perfect when used as menu reader or menu reading light or small page reader magnifier * Use as magnifying reader or magnifying lense or fresno lens * When used as fresnal lense magnifying glass sheet for reading product provides distortion free viewing * Size equals magnifying glass pocket size or wallet size fits flat in credit card slot * There are 2 magnifying cards in this magnifying glass pack each perfect when used as magnifying card for wallet or magnifying credit card

His and Her Credit Card Size Lighted 3X Magnifier Bundle Includes 2 Magnifiers, Each Magnifier for Reading has 3X…