• Top Width:9.7mm, Pitch Width:8.5mm, Bottom Width:4mm.
  • Depth:8mm.
  • Inside Length:549mm.
  • Pitch Length:587mm.
  • Outside Length:600mm.
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  • Imported from UK.
Wedge Belts are the second most common type of belt. They are slightly deeper than V Belts which gives them more surface contact with the pulleys, this increases the power they can transmit. Wedge belts provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings and lastly, maintain a long service life therefore making them very cost effective.Wedge Belts are a trapezium shape section reinforced on the outer edge with a heat-set, pre-stretched Polyester cord. The Polyester cording carries high horsepower loads and minimises stretch which means the Wedge Belt will require fewer take up adjustments.We stock a great range of lengths in all sections, however if you have any difficulties finding a specific length please contact our sales team and they will gladly assist. ( or 01634 739023)seperator Technical Dimensions Top Width (W): 9.7mm Pitch Width: 8.5mm Bottom Width: 4mm Depth (H) 8mm Inside Length: 549mm Pitch Length: 587mm Outside Length: 600mm Inside Length: 549 mm Outside Length: 600 mm

Standard SPZ587 (9.7x587 Lp) Wedge Belt