• Imported from USA.

    If you love to bake up delicious homemade pizza from scratch in
    your own kitchen, then the Cast Iron Pizza Pan by Home-Complete
    is an absolute essential! The 14” skillet is versatile; perfect
    for cooking a variety of foods, from pizza to eggs, bacon,
    cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, crepes, fajitas, burgers and more.
    Constructed from cast iron, this pan will heat evenly, and is a
    sturdy piece of cookware that you will be able to use and enjoy
    for many years to come! Sturdy and Durable Cast Iron Will last
    for many many years Use on Stove top, grill, or campfire flame
    Works wonderful in the oven Great for cornbread, fajitas,
    burgers, and many foods Makes sure to dry after washing Re-oil
    and re-season as needed


    14 Inch Cast Iron Pizza Pan Skillet Cooking Baking Grilling