• Premium colorants formulated specifically for use with ArtResin epoxy resin..
  • Non-toxic when used as directed..
  • Non-flammable when encapsulated in resin..
  • 4 brilliant colors available. Each bottle contains 14.79 ml / 0.5 fl oz..
  • Tint epoxy resin to create flow art paintings or marbled effects with ease..
  • Imported from USA.
ResinTint premium liquid pigment colorants are crafted for compatibility with ArtResin epoxy resin. They’re richly saturated for deep color and blend seamlessly, preserving the glossiness of ArtResin. They’re highly concentrated so a little goes a long way! Add fewer drops for a more translucent look or add a few drops of white for opaque hues. ResinTints are perfect for creating Flow Art - simply mix colors in different cups, pour them out and watch them flow! Can also be floated on water to make marbling art. The ResinTint 4 pack includes 4 colors : Gold, Bronze, Silver, Metallic White. ResinTint colorants are non-toxic and will not cause a flammability risk from torching when encapsulated in resin.

ResinTint - Liquid Pigment - Non-Toxic - Non-Flammable - Metallics - 4 Pack